Slumpstone Pattern

A spanish influenced classic.

“Old world” Spanish brick – 4″x 16″ with irregular relief is what’s known as slumpstone brick. This brick was the choice of many a Spanish builder when Missions were being built in the Southwest two hundred years ago. Partially stuccoing segments of this pattern can further enhance the presence of this classic pattern.
This versatile and common pattern works well with developments that are composed of structures with Spanish influences or used to add contrast to other types of projects.

Slumpstone Texture Closeup
In this picture you can see how much the relief lends to the worn appierence.
Also shown is a Roolock continuous cap,(optional).

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Slumpstome Pattern Wall
Shown here with steel H-beam column supports. This wall not only secures the property but it is also acting as 6′ high retaining wall for bulk material storage bins. Peninsula Building Material Co. San Martin
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Slumpstone Texture Wall
Shown here with cap and fluted column.

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