Our range of work extends beyond fencing and sound abatement walls to a variety of structures and enclosures that blend into their environment.


Entry Signs and Monuments
Cities, Office parks, Subdivisions, and Retail Developments often need prominent markers to make a distinctive statement.


Decorative Cap Column
Decorative column caps can play a significant role in finishing or accenting a wall and/or column. Caps can be designed to integrate column with the wall,(see V Groove) or accent sections of a wall, or complete the aesthetics of a wall. Independent column almost always have some kind of cap. Caps can also be done in rock.

Custom Columns
Columns are an essential structural element to our walls and fences, and our clients have the option of either minimizing or enhancing their presence through design choices.

Standard vs Hidden Columns
Many of our walls can be supplied with or with out a column face to one side of the wall. The column is still there but offset to the front or back of the panel so that it can’t be seen, hence hidden.


Bus Shelters
This bus shelter provides rain and sun protection which is impervious to the types of vandalism that destroys plexiglass and wood structures, at a very competitive cost.

Sanitation Enclosure
These enclosures provide a solid, aesthetically consistent solution for sanitation or power generation needs of a residential multiplexes, retail centers or industrial facilities.

Planter Boxes
Our soundwalls and retaining walls can designed to give a foundation for your landscaping needs.

Security Enclosures
Any of our walls can be complemented with attachments and embedment’s to create your first line of security.


Material Bin Walls
Precast concrete panels can make great material bins too.

Retaining Walls

Many of our walls can be utilized as retaining only walls that can lend character to landscaping.