Bouquet Canyon Flagstone Facia

The “Real” Stone of Choice

This stone is a layered semi-hard metamorphic rock with wide variety of random colors in grey, blue, and reds. Adhering to concrete well this stone will never fade and provide the owner with a timeless appeal and low maintenance.

Often used with high end developments and communities this stone adheres well to concrete and will never fade. Walls with this fascia can have accent concrete finished columns, rock wrapped columns or columnless joints,(hidden column).

Bouquet Canyon Flagstone Texture Closeup
Here you can see the varied colors and sheens that make up this attractive stone facia. Also, when incorperated in the panel design the stones are actually layed into the concrete before it cures. This imbedment adds to the durability of the stone on these walls. Often a simple 4″ cap is used to accent the top of wall.

texture_canyon_flagstoneBouquet Canyon Flagstone Wall
Shown here is our standard Bouquet Canyon Flagstone wall with hidden column,(behind the wall)and a standard cap. You will notice 24″ sqaure accent columns where the wall steps down at the corner.

Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon

texture_canyon_flagstoneStone Wrapped Column with Custom Stone Panel
Here you can see a custome Bouquet Canyon Flagstone panel with cap and a 24″ square column with pedistal wrapped in the same stone.

Creekside, Fremont